Turkish technology to meet the world via London

-Kenan Poleo, British Consul General in Istanbul: “Türkiye's entrepreneurial spirit meets the UK's technology ecosystem”

29 Nisan 2024 Pazartesi 10:24
Turkish technology to meet the world via London

Turkish technology to meet the world via London

-Orhan Tanışman, YTU Yıldız Technopark General Manager: “We are here to create a financial area for our companies”

Aiming to bring Türkiye's potential in technology and entrepreneurship to the international arena, YTU Yıldız Technopark initiated the activities of its London office. Speaking at the opening program held in Istanbul following the event in the UK, Kenan Poleo, British Consul General in Istanbul, stated that the UK welcomes Turkish technology companies, while Orhan Tanışman, General Manager of Yıldız Technopark, made important statements by saying that they brought startups and investors together with the London office.

According to Statista's research on the UK market for the year 2024, the IT Services market in the UK is estimated to exceed £100 billion in 2024, while London, which has a share of 5/10 percent in the world IT sector, produces an economic output of over £85 billion annually. YTU Startup House, the global brand of YTU Yıldız Technopark, which acts with the motivation of bringing Turkish IT and technology companies to the international market, has launched its London office with the support of Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye, Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of Türkiye. Kenan Poleo, British Consul General in Istanbul, Orhan Tanışman, General Manager of YTU Yıldız Technopark and many guests attended the opening program where important information about Türkiye's technology exports was shared.

Poleo: “Bilateral Relations between the British Government and the Government of Türkiye Continue to Strengthen”

Kenan Poleo, British Consul General in Istanbul, said: “I would like to extend a warm welcome to our esteemed Turkish entrepreneurs, companies and visionaries who have chosen London as their gateway to global growth. Turkish heritage is a rich tapestry woven with threads of resilience, craftsmanship and hospitality. This culture speaks of creativity, resilience and entrepreneurship. Today, we are delighted to bring this heritage to London, a city where diversity and innovation thrive. Today, we are witnessing the convergence of Türkiye's entrepreneurial spirit and the UK's vibrant tech ecosystem. As you know, bilateral relations between the UK government and the Turkish government continue to strengthen. I would like to emphasize that trade and investment is one of the pillars of bilateral relations recognized by both governments.”

Poleo: “We are aware that Turkish technology companies are not just setting up offices, they are sowing the seeds of cooperation”

“We are all aware that the UK offers excellent growth opportunities for innovative Turkish companies ready to expand their business globally,” said Poleo:

“The UK's technology ecosystem is a world leader, worth over $1 trillion and growing rapidly. It is home to over 85,000 startups and scale-ups and more than 170 unicorns, more than France and Germany combined. Investors recognize the strengths of the UK's tech ecosystem. It attracts more venture capital investment than its European competitors. In 2022, startups received more than $31 billion in Venture Capital funding. I can safely say that the UK welcomes Turkish Technology companies. We are aware that Turkish tech companies that decide to establish a presence in the UK are not just setting up offices, they are sowing the seeds of collaboration. They bring sharp solutions, disruptive technologies and a desire to develop. We believe that brands like YTU Startup House are more than just walls and desks: They are bridges that symbolize the promise of shared growth; a conduit of ideas, partnerships, growth and friendships.”

“It is important to bring the ecosystem here to the world”

Orhan Tanışman, who made the opening speech, said: “As Yıldız Technopark, being the first in Türkiye for years in a row was not enough for us. We had consolidated our leadership in our region. But in order to have a say in the global arena, we started our journey in Silicon Valley in 2015, taking us to Tashkent and Dubai, and then we came to London, which is the point we really wanted to reach. Last week, on April 15, we opened our branch. It is important to be able to bring the ecosystem here to the world and bring them together within the world market. When you think of London, finance comes to mind first. One of the major needs of the startup and technology world is the finance sector. Therefore, London's expatriate system will make a great contribution to us.”

“We Find Structures Developing Technology and Interested in Startups”

Stating that London is the center of finance, Tanışman continued as follows; “London is one of the central locations of finance and the market. We were in Dubai and Tashkent before. Our global journey started in Slikon Valley like every entrepreneur. This journey we started in 2016-2015 was a very important goal for us. We have been working with London for more than a year and a half. It's not just about opening an office there. We find structures that are interested in startups developing technology there. We also help companies to adapt to the legislation of that country such as taxes and incentives. Each country has its own focus. For example, the UK is currently looking for serious startups in artificial intelligence. In Europe, technology entrepreneurs are now more prominent. In terms of talent, the whole world is currently looking for digital talents. In London, the number of Turkish companies establishing companies is quite high. Therefore, someone needs to be a roof for these companies and make them stronger in the market. We are actually the link between London and Istanbul, London and Türkiye. London is a very special place for this business. It is really meaningful for us to be here. I guess it will also be an important step for Turkish technology entrepreneurs.”

About YTU Startup House London Office

Located in Battersea Power Station, one of the symbolic buildings of London and at the heart of the world financial center, the office facilitates Turkish IT companies' access to the UK market (as well as the European region) thanks to the advantages and support provided to companies. From ready-to-use office space to event and conference space, the London office not only brings companies together with investors, but also provides guidance in many areas such as market research and analysis, business strategy and planning, legal and regulatory guidance, financial management and financing, sales and networking in a new region.  

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